For the first time in history, the Constitution of Chile will now acknowledge and protect mental integrity in light of the current advances in Neur

A new article in the winter 2021 issue of Horizons (Journal of International Relations and Sustainable Development) explaining the state of Neurote

"Should a person who commits an assault during a psychotic episode be allowed to avoid jail if they agree to have a brain implant that controls the

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The [Chilean] Constitutional Reform project recognizes mental data as Neuro-Rights, grants them the quality of Human Rights, and includes a Bill for Neuroprotection. "If neurotechnologies are not regulated in time, then it will not be possible at all, like it happened with social media," warned Senator Girardi.


The objective of this Strategy is to create a trustful environment with an inclusive, sustainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) that puts citizens first. The National Artificial Intelligence Strategy "seeks to place [Spain] in line with the leading countries in research and reliable AI to contribute to economic modernization and social development in our country", explained Pedro Sánchez.

Brains are talking to computers, and computers to brains. Are our daydreams safe?

New tools will allow us to better understand the workings of the brain, helping the sick and opening up economic opportunities but they will also put our mental privacy at risk


Facebook develops a system to decode thoughts into writing , Elon Musk aims to equip the brain with artificial intelligence... These are the main neurotechnological devices in development.

Scientists are working to protect our rights in the light of new technologies.

Scientific thinking should be elevated to the spheres of power, as was done in the past with economics and law. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, there is an urgent need to create international bodies of scientific 'reservists’ who can take action to deal with emergencies such as this one

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